Classic wedding posture so that your wedding more charming

ksowyjxxllysseejsjsjwoi1122sssddsssyw146585When shooting wedding, the couple wants to stay most beautiful, but standing in front of the camera, but always because it can not find a suitable wedding posture and know what to do. Here, I will introduce a few classic wedding posture, make your wedding more charming!

Classic wedding posture, stand at attention standing

“Natural and confident.” Time-tested wedding photographs magic, this sentence is very reasonable. Want to perfect debut in front of the camera, one of the most simple way is to take a formal stance: keep the body upright, head naturally rise, shine out effect is basically your best. Furthermore, the feeling of the skin is also very important. In order to ensure that your skin healthy in the picture on the day compact, vibrant, first of all to drink plenty of water, and three days before the wedding began to stay away from salty foods.

Classic wedding posture, perfect posture

Always keep the shoulders back quite natural bending arms at the elbow; arms do not too close to the body, do not let the bouquet tightly against the lower jaw, because such a posture will affect the photographic effect. If the lines are very confident of your own arm, you can consider to put on a hard yarn shawl, it will be people’s attention to your shoulders and sexy collarbone.

Classic wedding pose posture was thin

For the fullness of the newcomers, this posture can make you look a little thin: standing feet apart, kick the front, the front knee slightly curved upper body slightly backward tilt. In this state, you look like a professional model, self-confidence.

Classic wedding posture, clever use of natural light

Light is the the photographer most precious props. The soft light of evening, dying can spice your photos. If natural light is too strong, you can find some natural shade, such as standing in the dense trees. Shade to avoid camera eyes are not focused, so you look more spiritual. If the wedding is held in the winter, may wish to make full use of natural light; scenic window framing, or reclining on the window and, for the time being and into the cold nature, leaving a perfect shadows.

Classic wedding pose, play makeup efficacy

In order to ensure the delicate texture of the skin, you should choose a reddish or bronze powder makeup base; foundation cream is not suitable for taking pictures with shiny makeup, glossy looking finish will appear in the film reflective effect. At the same time pay attention to the color of the foundation to be close to the color of their own skin, especially when the skin is exposed to more or less neck and neck, if the foundation color is too shallow, it will appear discordant “mask” effect.

Lily Wedding Community Tips: Try the black-and-white photo

Sense of elegance to pass by the black-and-white photographs are irreplaceable, the key is that the color of the bride’s makeup and clothes should be appropriate. Rose and peach lipstick looks very beautiful in any film, and bright red lipstick pure black, black and white photographs show a little frightening. According to the black-and-white photos marked with a thin layer of skin color similar to the foundation should pay attention to the natural bloom, let the natural color of the skin. Pay attention to the color of the clothes at the same time to be separated from the skin color, you can wear bright jewelry or covered with colored shawl.


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