Should pay attention to the details of the wedding photographs

Before wedding photography, the new one must be your favorite kind of style, there are clothes and accessories all aspects in order to be good to be thought. Picked out after that? Comparison is cost-effective, in the face now a variety of wedding photography company, we should be how to choose it?

Determine the things you want. Do not think that something more sets of lines you more popular, here Xiaobian remind you for your best.

a) zoom chip. According to the area of ​​his new house, you need to hang the photo room, whether to give parents wedding photos to determine the number of the larger photo. And to say, once enlarged tablets have any quality problems, should be free to repair, and a lifelong free. Otherwise, with some the PP will wrinkling ah what, after-sales service is very important. Enlarged piece of picture frames and photo style or home environment must harmonization.

b) ornaments. The point several chic ornaments children, play a decorative role in the new house. Aspects, wedding photography studio will send a few pieces to the guests.

c) album. Good budget takes several, several new homes? Whether the need to give to her parents, in-laws? If her parents and in-laws are not very far away, so no need to take two, can the wedding with the past, to do better quality After all, you want to save a lot of years, Do not wait to grow old when the photo was damaged or has faded.

Shooting consumption in the mid-to write clearly, ampoules, flowers, all kinds of jewelry, FREE stuff must be written in the contract above. To prevent the generation of any secondary consumer, so as not to shoot the wedding such a meaningful day. Uncomfortable feelings, have any unpleasant produced!

Dress copy number. The dress copy number to determine the order, should the clothes of the bride and groom with the operator set, then say hello plainclothes according counted in the number of sets. Must be clearly written in the order. There are the interior several sets, location sets. Down before shooting to determine or specify arbitrary choice.

Determine what they want, tell him, change of products according to their actual needs. Try to swap the original price inside, take a closer look at the merchant’s service commitment is not able to do the humane.

Best to choose two days shooting, this time more abundant, without Jinjinzhangzhang have to say hello, and two days shooting time together, or can be taken separately, this is more flexible.


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