Autumn and winter bridal makeup

The arrival of fall and winter, it seems everything is covered up, of course, this is different from another beautiful spring and summer bridal makeup changes because of the change of seasons, the elements of inspiration from God the greatest works of art: natural deciduous.

Drooping eyelids like sadness deciduous
This year there are quite a few make up artist, have declared himself from the deciduous inspired to design the latest autumn and winter makeup, you read carefully the color of a fallen leaf? Never unassuming but still colorful, no longer fresh and still have vitality. Move these wiping color eyes, ready to come out with a touch of melancholy mature taste.
Deciduous eye makeup:
With pale yellow-brown or purple-gray, swipe the orbital Department to bring out the natural level. The SUMI range can reach the entire eye socket.
Next with the deep earth colors, starting from the corner of the eye to the end of eye gently blooming, manufacturing laminated angle can be swept to the top of the ramp.
If you want to fine point, with cocoa or gold pearl color, the eye head back from the end of eye undercut let the entire eye makeup vitality.
Luscious berry gravy-stained mouth
With a little rock style “berries Yan lip dominated the autumn and winter, to demonstrate faction luxury Burgundy bright red, such as royal painter Rubens Fancy, so this season is no longer pale. Lips rich color dripping sweet hit feel like the lips suddenly changes became a ripe mulberry, or covered with overflowing juice of the grape alcohol, people look under mitotic little drunk .
Berries Yan lip:
Best with lighter berry-colored lipstick fill lips, and then on the darker color of the berries, blooming from lip Central out.
If you want full color, you can go with tissues printed lips surface color and shine, then coat.
In the center of the lips, you can completely painted a little transparent lip gloss doing visual lips efficacy.


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