How to select the wedding according to the version

1, breast shape

Whether it is the wedding or dress Xiongxing, is the most important. General wedding – draping, the breast shape with the P-type pieces, cut out. Some wedding taking into account the size of our Oriental plus chest paste. Chest paste is not the key, the key is the upper part of P-type is not full, do not empty, not a turtle into the room. Fish bones of some elegant wedding will hold to this position, but this is useless, because between the two fish bone can not be concave. Also, the Bra-style wedding to pay attention to fit and chest.

2, waist-type

This part is very important. If a Bra wedding to the following out how to do? In fact, in the choice of this style of wedding dress, waist income how particularly important. Waist if is completely fit, the fabric of the chest can be very up, clothes, how will not go below out. Type version of the waist should also consider these points: a short waist, long waist. If your waist type is long, and to consider the modification of the short waist, short waist to consider using the V-shaped cuts Slim.

3, see the skirt

In general skirt: tail, small A, wrinkle, palace-style tail. The skirt is good or bad the bride is the ratio. Fishtail wedding dress, hips and skirt valgus part of the lines is very important to make the bride look tall!


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